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Garden Centre Intratuin

Dutch Garden centre Intratuin turned an old greenhouse into charming eatery. Discover why it chose Moduleo as a stunning floor cover.

  • Location: Duiven (NL)
  • Sector: Retail
  • Product Category: Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Surface: 630 m²

Natural beauty: Garden Centre Intratuin transforms former greenhouse into distinctive eatery

At floral centre Intratuin, on a kilometre-long green trail winding through the shop’s magnificent natural splendour, lies an old glass greenhouse which serves as a café. Completely in line with the store’s lush atmosphere, the establishment is a sanctuary for all things bright and beautiful. Coffee seems to taste better here thanks to the remarkable décor, in which Moduleo’s LVT plays a starring role.

A walk in the park

Intratuin is one of the largest garden centre chains in the Netherlands, but the traditional store experience isn’t enough to meet the demands of today’s customers, who are looking for something exceptional. That’s why Intratuin’s location in the Dutch city of Duiven was renovated from top to bottom. On the 24,000 m² grounds – the most expansive Intratuin branch to date – visitors can stroll along attractive green displays of plants and outdoor decorations.  

Coffee in style

For the revamp, Intratuin pulled out all the stops. “Everything revolves around nature”, says company director Gerard Niesink. “Even the store’s hospitality area, where customers can take a comfortable break from their shopping trip, is a tribute to green.” The former greenhouse now accommodates 950 visitors on two floors that share a warm, intimate atmosphere. The rustic appeal of Moduleo Country Oak 54852 fits right in, thanks to its natural relief and variable colouring.  

But beauty was not the only criterium. Niesink: “In a shopping environment, resistance to daily wear and tear is essential. Furthermore, because part of the restaurant is located on the first floor, sound absorption was equally important. LVT was an obvious choice.”


For the execution of the ambitious project, Intratuin took matters into its own hands. “In fact, we planned to work with an interior designer, but ended up doing it all ourselves”, says Niesink. “We knew exactly what kind of atmosphere we wanted to create, so why outsource? The result was certainly worth the effort: customers love to come and spend their time here. Mission accomplished!”