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Greene King Restaurant

When Greene King decided to set up shop at the former Hartwood Hall Hotel in Chorley, Lancashire, the venue had seen better days. Moduleo’s mission? To extensively refurbish the space and help turn it into a brand-new restaurant concept, add a special touch to the room, and inspire customers with a perfect first impression.

  • Location: Lancashire (UK)
  • Sector: Hospitality & leisure
  • Product Category: Luxury vinyl tiles

Adding the wow factor to Greene King restaurant

The result is a remarkable dining space with a unique design, with a flooring concept created in the MOODS® flooring studio. Different tiles from Moduleo’s LVT collections were used, combining striking patterns such as herringbone, hexagons, chevron columns and triangles. This bold combination, along with the use of two colours, gives the space that special touch and differentiates areas in the restaurant. The three-week refurbishment project was valued at around £500,000.

LVT tiles: a perfect fit

The refurbishment was led by commercial interio design agency Fusion by Design, that wanted to create a restaurant atmosphere featuring distinguishable areas that would appeal to a broad customer base. To accomplish this goal, the agency specified the use of Moduleo tiles. Moduleo is the newest generation of luxury vinyl flooring and one of Moduleo’s leading brands. With its anti-slip layer, wear- and scuff-resistance, and stylish appearance, this floor covering is a perfect fit for hospitality and leisure venues.

It’s all in the details

The floor combines thousands of individual pieces from 11 different styles, resulting in a dazzling look. Contrast was not only created through pattern, but also with colour. The light and dark tiles make the blue and natural wood touches of the restaurant interior stand out even more.

“Working with Moods gave us the flexibility to create up to 110 unique wood- and stone-effect designs. As a result, the sky really was the limit and our approach provided Fusion by Design with the opportunity to let their creativity run wild, rather than limiting them to other ‘off-the-shelf’ products,” says Damon Ward of flooring contracting company Newards Ltd.

Greene King did not compromise on details: “Too often, flooring is an afterthought in a hospitality settings, and products are then specified according to what’s left after the budget is spent mainly on fixtures and fittings. That's not the case at Greene King,” Damon continues.

Complex design, easy installation

While the Fusion by Design team came up with a complex flooring design, the flooring contractors easily managed to install the product within the tight two-week timeframe.

“The first part of the floor included 5,900 tiles and it took two men five nights to install. The product was extremely easy to work with and was manufactured with such high precision that we could just crack on without having to recut any pieces, so it felt like it took no time at all,” says Damon.

The designers experimented with different flooring zones, creating a contemporary and trendy look. This helps define customer areas – such as waiting spaces – by means of flooring rather than with partitions, which can be obtrusive.