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Rockfield develops affordable housing for students and young professionals

Giving recent graduates the opportunity to continue living affordably in Amsterdam after their studies, is what The Cohesion Don Bosco stands for. Our Moduleo luxury vinyl floor plays an important role in the pursuit of this ambition.

  • Location: Amsterdam (NL)
  • Sector: Housing
  • Product Category: Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Architect: Studioninedots (Amsterdam)
  • Surface: 24.000 m²

Moduleo vinyl floors make the Don Bosco apartments attractive and affordable for young professionals in Amsterdam

Through Don Bosco Urban Professional Living, developer Rockfield focuses on young professionals just starting out on their professional career. Because this group is no longer eligible for student accommodation, the concept offers an attractive and affordable alternative for young people who want to continue living in Amsterdam.

Luxury vinyl tiles as an affordable flooring solution

Rockfield chose our luxury vinyl for its excellent performance and accessible pricing. Classic Oak 24837 and Midland Oak 22821 from the Moduleo collection offered the developer a responsible and affordable solution. The 24,000 m² of vinyl flooring was laid on our Flex Pro self-adhesive underlay that has been specially developed for the fast installation of luxury vinyl floors. Flex Pro also provides better impact sound insulation, ideal for multi-occupancy buildings such as this. The underlay also allows for individual planks to be quickly and easily replaced in case of damage.

“Rockfield chooses to rent out our homes with flooring. LVT is a sustainable solution for both the investor and the tenant. ”

Dion Georgiou – Project developer Rockfield

Co-living community: fascinating encounters

The whole concept of Don Bosco is based on a sense of community. The apartments bind young professionals to the city for a longer period of time and thus respond to the increase of this group in the housing market. Common areas such as co-work spaces and relaxation places for sports and meetings form the soul of the complex, while the development’s robust appearance is inspired by the industrial port buildings of this neighborhood just outside Amsterdam. Since the completion of the 429 apartments in May 2020, the operation has been in the hands of The Cohesion, the co-living concept of developer Rockfield Real Estate.