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Hotel Burdigala

Luxury, irresistible charm and French joie de vivre: Hotel Burdigala knows how to incorporate the southern city lifestyle of Bordeaux into its ambience. Its makeover in 2017 aimed to accentuate this identity even more. By combining authenticity and creativity, Moduleo’s luxury vinyl tiles provided the finishing touch to the renovation project.

  • Location: Bordeaux (FR)
  • Sector: Hospitality & leisure
  • Product Category: Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Surface: 362 m²

Hotel Burdigala: a new look and feel in 4 months

Classic and modern, local and international: Bordeaux has it all. Architectural firm Maison N°20 carefully selected materials, colours and fabrics to reflect the atmosphere of southwestern France in the hotel’s interior.

The authenticity of oak with a creative touch

After searching for the perfect luxury oak look, Maison N°20 decided on Verdon Oak luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) from Moduleo. The subtle variations and patterns of real oak are reflected in the true-to-nature designs of the tiles. Thanks to the outstanding durability of the materials, the floor will stand the test of time.

For a playful twist, the bold geometric design of Diamond 226 luxury vinyl tiles from Moods brings variation to the vinyl oak floor. A large circle in the middle of the dining area and two rectangles on the sides were covered in an eye-catching diamond pattern, giving the environment a unique and refined appeal.

Quick and easy finishing with Flex Pro

Renovating the 362m² restaurant floor only took 4 months. To install the luxury vinyl tiles, the contractors used Flex Pro, a product designed to level unevenness in the underfloor, protect the substrate and insulate against noise. The result is a perfectly finished floating installation ready for immediate use.