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La Défense, restaurant and work café

Modern, with a warm art deco twist: that’s one way to describe Moduleo’s latest design project in one of the tower restaurants of Paris La Défense. Take a look.

  • Location: Paris (FR)
  • Sector: Office
  • Product Category: Studio Moods, Luxury vinyl tiles
  • Architect: Compass Group
  • Contractor: GMT Garges les Gonesse 95
  • Surface: 684 m²

Art deco lunchtime! Tower CB16 restaurant in La Défense gets a touch of Moduleo quality 

In the midst of ultra-modern Paris La Défense, the largest business district in Europe, it’s a challenge to find a splash of the warm French art deco design of old. Yet, at the CB16 office tower located in Courbevoie, employees can still soak up this chic style in a novel restaurant space. Moduleo flooring helped set the convivial mood. 

Inspired by la Belle Époque

Transforming a company restaurant into a warm, pleasant space for the employees that lunch there every day: that was the challenge of this refurbishment project. Architect and Project Manager Clémentine Pardieu – from the Compass Group – immersed the large dining room into a ‘living space’ that harks back to ‘la Belle Époque Paris’. A job well done: the decor of the restaurant features a chic style with an art deco spirit. It’s a place where people love to spend their lunch hours and companies gather and network. 

The detail is in the flooring 

To really capture the essence of this sleek style, the architect opted for Moduleo flooring from the Moods collection. Using a subtle marriage of Diamond 223 and 224, with their classy and ultra-realistic designs, the space was divided into a main dining room and various smaller alcoves to allow for more intimate gatherings. “I wanted to create multiple spaces without dividing them up”, Pardieu explains.

“I really like the visual appeal, especially the marquetry effect of this flooring range, which can be reinvented endlessly to suit any layout." 

-Clémentine Pardieu, architect and project manager at Compass Group

The complementary furniture boosts the effect of the floor even more and contributes to the overall classy vibe of the space. “I really like the visual, especially the marquetry effect of this flooring range, which can be reinvented endlessly to suit any layout." On the counter of the self-service area, the hexagonal design of the Moods flooring was copied to give a sense of continuity, as LVT could not be fitted there due to the presence of ventilation zones. 

Moduleo quality fit for any purpose 

This design project is a fine example of how Moduleo’s high-quality products are perfectly suited to many commercial applications. “In a high-traffic area such as a company restaurant, LVT is the ideal choice”, Pardieu continues. “Moreover, it’s easy to install and maintain. Ultimately, you will end up with a stunning floor that’s made to withstand daily wear and tear.”